Reading on Beach







Hi, I’m Tina.  I live in Berkeley, California and I read books.

This blog is still in its early stages, but the basic idea here is that the books I read serve as writing prompts for the posts I write.

Although you will probably get an overall sense of whether or not I liked a particular book, I’m not aiming to write reviews. There are a lot of smart people over at The New York Times and other esteemed publications who do a very good job with that. Instead, I’ll tell you a little about the book and will most likely riff a bit from there about something the book brought to mind or a specific thing I learned from reading it. Enough for you to decide if you’re intrigued.

I’m more interested in starting conversations; half the fun of reading is talking about it. I’d love to hear what you think and/or what you’re reading these days. Feel free to drop me a line below or email me at tina[AT]ratherbereading[DOT]net.


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