Hi there, and welcome to the Rather Be Reading book club!
I am Mia, your host, and together we shall explore time and space through ink and paper. Or, more likely screens of smartphones. But, you know, it sounds more aesthetically pleasing this way.

A Bit About Us

Book Meetings

We are a friendly book club comprising of some 10-15 individuals from all over the place. We meet every other Saturday over Zoom to discuss our current book.

We read two books a month with meetings every two weeks. This is intended to accommodate both frequent and infrequent readers. I post the poll for the upcoming theme/genre a few days before a meeting, so members have time to vote before the new reading period begins.

All members are encouraged to submit book recommendations here. If you have anything at all in mind that we can read, regardless of theme or genre, you’re welcome to fill out the form and have it included in a future poll.

Reminders to vote, upcoming meeting announcements, and other important information get sent out via Telegram and/or text message. You can sign up for alerts here.

Don’t like the book and don’t want to talk about it? Don’t have the time or energy for a meeting? Don’t come! You are by no means obligated to attend every or even most meetings. This club is intended to be a comfortable, casual space for people to talk about books. Attend solely at your own preference and interest. 🙂

Social Hangouts and Other Things

On weekends where we don’t have a book meeting, we host casual social hangouts over Zoom. You are free to come and spend time and get to know us!

You may also sign up for our Telegram chat group to interact with us on a textual level here.

Since it turns out many of our members also enjoy cooking, we have a Dropbox folder for recipes that have been tried by at least one of us. Please contact me if you’d like to be included.

Our Admins


I had never once attended a book club before starting this one, but the idea was always intriguing. Not one generally comfortable with being confined to reading expectations, I tended to stray far away from places which enforced this.

I do, however, know that I primarily stick to comfortable and familiar genres: fantasy, romance, and contemporary fiction. A book club, built from people with different backgrounds, enjoyments, and knowledge bases, seemed like an excellent way to start branching out of my comfort zone.

Beyond this, I am highly introverted and, well, fit many of the common stereotypes of a book-reading crazy cat lady. I’m a twenty-something psychology student whose goal it is to retire to a private island with a mysterious library full of secret passages and friendly cats. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, hiking, and recently found I like cooking! I am from the Pacific Northwest, and despite the hundred people who told me I’d get sick of the rain, I still want more of it.


Who am I? Why, I’m your friendly neighborhood hall monitor, that’s who! I know, I know, having a hall monitor in a virtual book club makes no sense whatsoever, but allow me to explain myself. You see, our fearless leader, in her great wisdom, gave me this esteemed title and charged me with hollering at anyone who caused too much of a ruckus in our meetings since she’d rather cuttle a cobra than do it herself. Before I go any further, I’d like to take a moment to address the elephant in the room; yes, I do have the accent to go along with the words “holler” and “ruckus” and yes, I do use these words in my every day vocabulary! I’m basically a 75-year-old in a 28-year-old’s body and I am proud of it, by golly! I’m convinced I’ve already used too many words to tell you what I could have told you in one sentence and that is this: I am a book-loving, music-obsessed coffee addict who is thrilled to be a member of the most gosh darn awesome book club I’ve ever been in!

P.S. I’ve only been in two book clubs, so that’s really not saying much, but don’t tell anyone!