Hi there, and welcome to the Rather Be Reading book club!
I am Mia, your host, and together we shall explore time and space through ink and paper. Or, more likely screens of smart phones. But, you know, it sounds more aesthetically pleasing this way.

A Bit About Us

We are a book club currently comprising of some eight or nine individuals from all over the place. We meet Saturday evenings twice a month, roughly half way through and at the end of each book. Our mid-book meetings will comprise of basic discussions about the text so far, and also center around picking next month’s genre, submitting options for the poll, and clearing up any questions or concerns. It is also a place and chance to socialize with one another and introduce any newcomers who may not have read the book yet! Adjustments can and will be made as necessary; this is a rough outline of proceedings. Book submissions will be created into a poll that can be found on the front page of the site.
The poll will open after our mid-book meeting and close some time the following week. The final book will be announced during our end-book meeting, but stats are viewable on the voting page, so you can always check back to see in what direction choices are headed. I will look for books myself if nobody suggests any, but you are always free to throw submissions my way!
Remember to join our Discord server, where we will host our voice discussions and maintain casual chatting throughout the month.

A Bit About me

I have never once attended a book club before, but the idea is intriguing. Not one generally comfortable with being confined to reading expectations, I tended to stray far away from places which enforced this.
I do, however, know that I primarily stick to comfortable and familiar genres: fantasy, romance, and contemporary fiction. A book club, built from people with different backgrounds, enjoyments, and knowledge bases, seemed like an excellent way to start branching out of my comfort zone.
Beyond this, I am highly introverted and, well, fit many of the common stereotypes of a book-reading crazy cat lady, and I want to gain confidence and surety in myself to build and expand a group I am passionate about!
I therefore ask you, as my fellow readers and members, to provide me with patience and support, and to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I don’t like to think of myself as the leader, but rather just the one who does the boring work on the side to maintain the threads tying us together.

A Bit About ChatMud

Notice the ChatMud link in the menu and wonder what that has to do with the club?
All of our original members are part of the ChatMud community. It is where the book club found its roots one fateful day after I’d had the completely unthought out idea of starting it. It is these members who have encouraged and questioned me into building something relatively cohesive.
ChatMud is a place where creatives, socialites, and coders have met to build a community under constant growth and expansion. Wonderful and unique minds have come together to produce a place for interests to find space, topics to find discussion, and people to find friends.
The book club would not exist were it not for ChatMud, and I strongly encourage you to join us and check it out!