Hi there, and welcome to the Rather Be Reading book club!
I am Mia, your host, and together we shall explore time and space through ink and paper. Or, more likely screens of smartphones. But, you know, it sounds more aesthetically pleasing this way.

A Bit About Us

Book Meetings

We are a friendly book club comprising of some 15-20 individuals from all over the place. We meet every other Saturday over Zoom to discuss our current book.

We read two books a month with meetings every two weeks. This is intended to accommodate both frequent and infrequent readers. I post the poll for the upcoming theme/genre a few days before a meeting, so members have time to vote before the new reading period begins. You can see a list of the books we have read so far here.

Don’t like the book and don’t want to talk about it? Don’t have the time or energy for a meeting? Don’t come! You are by no means obligated to attend every or even most meetings. This club is intended to be a comfortable, casual space for people to talk about books. Attend solely at your own preference and interest. 🙂

Social Hangouts and Other Things

Building a fun, compassionate, and engaged community is one of the most important parts of this adventure. For that reason, we typically have three social hangout opportunities through the week: every Tuesday at 08:00 pm Eastern, each Saturday when we don’t have a book meeting at 08:00 pm Eastern, and as a follow up to each existing book meeting, usually around 09:00 or 09:30 pm Eastern. You are free to join any of these and spend time with and get to know us!

We also sporadically host open mic nights and creative writing gatherings. Info about these will be posted in the WhatsApp announcements group.

Once you’ve attended a meeting and if you’ve decided that you’d like to stick around, you may also join our WhatsApp chat group to interact with us on a textual level. Creating an account on this site will give you access to the links to join.

Please note: if you attend a meeting (either a social or a book chat), you are not obligated or expected to contribute. I know that new groups can be overwhelming, and so long as you give me/us some sign that you are a prospective member and here to get a sense for what it’s like, it is perfectly okay to stay quiet if you need to.

Since it turns out many of our members also enjoy cooking, we have a Dropbox folder for recipes that have been tried by at least one of us. Please contact me if you’d like to be included.

How To Join

In the main menu displayed at the top of the page is a link to join the WhatsApp announcements group. This is how members receive important information about upcoming meetings, poll creation and results, etc. You may sign up for them and attend any meeting you would like.

That menu also includes links to view what books we have read so far, our member list where you can view profiles and get a sense for who we are, and our archive of polls and updates. If you decide you’d like to stick around, you can create an account here.

This account will give you access to both the polls we use to choose our next books and the submission form where you can put in your own recommendations. It will also give you access to links for our chat and writing groups.

We look forward to meeting and reading with you!