Rather be Meeting

Hi, friends!

You will find here all of the details related to our upcoming RBR meetup. Right now, everything is pretty tentative, and I will update this page with anything new as it arises. If you have questions, recommendations, or suggestions, please message me or the RBR Meetup group.
I’ll also better organize this page as things become more solidified; I know it’s pretty messy right now and all over the place.

Location and current plans

Denver, Colorado
We will be meeting in Denver, or near to it, for several days in early July.
We will be renting an Airbnb and splitting the cost of it, groceries, etc. equally as needed.

I would like everyone to know if they are able to attend for sure by May 1st, so long as you all think this is a reasonable amount of time to figure it out. I realize unexpected things can come up, and that’s absolutely ok, but please keep this in mind.

There are tons of fun things to do, and if you’re interested in helping out with some activities, feel free to look some up and let us know what you have in mind.
So far, activities mentioned are:
Attending an author/book event at The Tattered Cover
Local concerts
Wine tasting
Jam sessions (bring portable instruments if you have them!)
16th Street Mall
Tandem biking
Visit a brewery
Movies at a fancy af theater
Descriptive theater productions


Sunday, July 3-Thursday, July 7
I’ve so far looked up flight prices for Nina, Jess, Simon, Meaghan, and Athlon and found costs for these days to be the cheapest, roughly 250 for a roundtrip for those closer to Denver and 350 for those further away. Flying Southwest is cheaper for some people, but I don’t know who all will be able to fly with them. I’ll keep an eye on prices and also look up some of the other airports mentioned.
This is for 4 nights. Please message the group if you think this is a sufficient amount of time to spend at the meetup or if you’d like to stay longer/shorter. Keep in mind the following:
You aren’t responsible for paying for any night you don’t stay at the AirBNB, but please know in advance what your plans are. I’d like everyone to know how much they will be spending as early as possible. 🙂
If enough people want to stay longer, we can arrange for it at the Airbnb.
Me and one or two others are planning on staying an additional night for cleanup of the Airbnb, so you’re free to stay with us if you want to hang out longer.
Chris, Tangela, and Reven have all tentatively mentioned alternative locations for people to stay if needed. Note that this will likely incur Uber/Lyft costs, depending on how often you travel between the locations. Chris said that he is about an 18 dollar trip from Tangela for reference.

Other things

Sanhoe, the wonderful human that he is, has mentioned the following:
Meals for those not wanting to eat out: please message him or the meetup group with dietary restrictions, food preferences, etc.
Assistance with travel: reach out to him if you need any help at all with planning and organizing your travel, even if you are simply overwhelmed by the process and would like some guidance.
N95s: he is willing to purchase and ship masks to those who would like one but can’t get one.
Finally, he is going to set up a prepaid debit card and share the number with the group as we get closer to finalizing details. Those who would like to attend but who may not have all of the funds needed can anonymously pull from this card. He will periodically share the remaining balance so that people are aware of what is left. Anyone who would like to contribute to the fund can get in touch with him for more details. Any help is welcome but not required. 🙂
You are also more than welcome to message the group with questions about any of the above. Sanhoe specifically mentioned his availability and willingness to be a point of contact for these if wanted.
If anyone would like me to add anything to this list, please let me know!

Final Thoughts

I have never organized anything even remotely close to this before. Please don’t assume I know what I am doing. 😂
Communicate with me/the group as much as you need to. Ask questions, request clarifications, throw in suggestion’s, etc. Your thoughts are valuable to me and to each other. I can’t do this without your help, and I am so, so grateful for your eagerness and willingness to participate. <3