Reflections and Updates

Hi, readers!

Another successful meeting! Thank you for attending and bringing your thoughtful and respectful discussion.

This past Friday, we discussed the ending to The Fifth Season. A group’s ability to talk about a single book for well over an hour is incredible to me, and I am so grateful to all of you for participating.

Overall, the consensus was positive, if a bit confused. We were left with many questions (some of which appear to be answered early on in the second book, according to the members who started it). I know I’m going to continue with the series and, while we won’t be meeting to discuss them, I hope that some of you join me in finishing it!

My favorite part of these discussions is one that I didn’t consider existing before starting them. I thought that I would branch out of my usual genres, be given more inspiration to read, and share my thoughts and feelings with people at the same stage of reading as myself. All of these have been fulfilled over and over again, but what I didn’t expect was how much of a better reader you inspire me to be. I’m not very critical in my reading. I am easily satisfied, and I don’t ask many questions. You guys do. You dig deeper into the plot and the characters than I have before, and you dredge up curiosity, confusion, interest, and disappointment where I didn’t even think to look for any. Your questioning the book makes me question my own perceptions, and I have thoroughly enjoyed rethinking the way I read with and because of you!

Next Up

We’re diving into Sinister Magic! Since this book is quite short, we’re tentatively aiming to meet a single time to discuss its entirety on September 4th, instead of splitting it up over two meetings across a full month. If this is not workable for you, please reach out!

This means that the next book we read (after Sinister Magic) will have meetings on September 18th and October 2nd.

Since we have limited time to decide on a genre and pick a book between now and September 4th, and considering it nearly tied with Sinister Magic this round, our next book will be The Rook! You can see the voting breakdown as well as details about the book in the previous post here.

I will add all of this info to the calendar for a more scheduled display of info.

Finally, it’s a ways off yet, but start thinking about what you’d like to read for October! We’ve decided to do a Halloween theme, and I’ll leave it as open to interpretation as you’d like it to be. As always, I will go seek out some books if I don’t get enough submissions.

Happy reading!

Breakdown of Upcoming Events

(All meeting times are at 10:00 pm EDT)

09/04: Entirety of Sinister Magic

09/18: First half of The Rook.

10/02: Ending of The Rook.

10/16: First half of whatever horror/Halloween themed book is chosen.

10/30: Ending of the horror/Halloween themed book.

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