January Updates

Hello and happy 2023!

I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday season, whatever that means to you. We’re settling back into our usual routine, so I have a few updates for you.

First, all meetings will now take place at 08:00 eastern instead of 09:00. Hopefully this fits better into your schedules and, well, need for sleep. 😊

The meeting days will not change (Tuesdays for socials, Saturdays for books, and Sundays for open mics).

Many of you have been around for the open mic nights where Sanho and Athlon have been reading the books they are writing, and I’m so incredibly proud of and excited for them to have both completed their projects. As a result, it is their books which we will be reading this month! 

First will be The Network Effect by Athlon, the discussion for which will take place on January 21st. When reading his book, he would like you to keep in mind/think about the following:
“Do the characters retain good internal consistency throughout the story? Also, is the foreshadowing too subtle? I don’t think anything happens out of the blue; I tried to put in at least one warning for everything, but people might miss it. What is most compelling to you? The plot? characters? A particular character? something else?”

Sanho’s book, Come As You Are, will be discussed on February 4th. He has not asked for anything specific to be considered while reading. 😊

I will send out a link to The Network Effect today, and one to Come As You Are as we get closer to its time. The latter will also include an audio version! If you need me to send any of these to you in a different way, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

Lastly, our next theme is ‘decades’. Think about books which embody a particular decade or so of time, regardless of how recent or not it is. Please get these submissions in by the end of the month, if you can.

As always, thank you for being the reason RBR still exists. Grateful for you all. 💙

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