Updates and upcoming events

Hi, readers,
Here are the results of our last poll and the feedback I received.

  • The Snow Child discussion on April 29
  • The Night Circus discussion on May 13
  • Open mics at 08:00 pm eastern on the third Friday of the month (first one on April 21)
  • Game nights at 08:00 eastern on the first Friday of the month (first one on May 5)
  • Additionally, all members who request it will be given admin rights to the Telegram announcement channel. This is to give you the ability to send out a notice when you are feeling social and want to hang out with others if they are available. Expectations are as follows:

  • Get all of your information into one message so that people don’t have reason to mute the channel
  • Specify the time and location
  • Avoid sending messages too late at night for common timezones
  • Talk to me before changing any settings
  • Join the channel if you haven’t through the link in the main menu. If you’d like to be made an admin, let me know. 🙂

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